06.04.2023 — Sirota & Partners Ranked as Band 1 in List of Real Estate and Construction Law Firms Published by Kommersant

We are pleased to inform you that Sirota & Partners was recognized as Band 1 in the list of the leading law firms in Russia in accordance with “Leaders of Legal Services Market” ranking published by the Russian leading business publishing house Kommersant in 2023. Sirota & Partners was ranked in the category “Best Sector-Specific Practices: Federal Rating” in the areas of “Construction and real estate: dispute resolution” and “Construction and real estate: legal advice on real estate transactions and construction projects”.

For more information, please see the following link.

03.12.2022 — Sirota & Partners was ranked in Real Estate and Construction by Pravo.Ru

We are pleased to inform you that this year, in a highly competitive environment, Sirota & Partners once again confirmed its position in the federal ranking of top law firms in the Real Estate and Construction practice area according to Pravo.Ru.

For more information, please see the following link.

02.02.2022 — The Construction Disputes Law Review

Summarizing almost 20 years’ experience in assisting clients to manage complex real estate projects, Sirota & Partners have contributed to the chapter of The Construction Disputes Law Review which was recently published on the website and in pdf-format is also available at the following link.

11.11.2021 — Interview for Civilistics Magazine: Unexpected Circumstances and Other Issues of Lease Contracts

Partner of the bureau Artem Sirota and senior associate Ekaterina Ivanova gave an interview to Mr. Andrey Egorov for the “Civilistics” Magazine. Based on the analysis of particular cases, they discussed the legal nature of the cancellation fee, the admissibility of its reduction, the structure of the lessor’s losses in case of the lease termination, as well as the abuse of rights by the landlord during the pandemic.

The text of the interview was published in the “Civilistics” Magazine, the video of the interview is available here.

14.10.2021 — conference: COVID-19 and Lease Agreements

Artem Sirota made a report at the conference “Construction in 2021: legal problems and their solutions”. In his report Artem focused on drafting lease agreements during the COVID-19 pandemic. In his report Artem explained how to draft lease agreements with preventing adverse consequences for a tenant (such as currency fluctuations), and how the pandemic affects the conditions of the use of premises. In respect of the need to reduce rent due to the non-use of premises during the pandemic, Artem suggested providing for the partial rent reduction in a lease agreement if the certain number of employees cannot be present in a premises.

More information on this event is available at the following link.