12.02.2016 — ‘Uzlovaya’ Industrial Park Expands Capacity

Construction of the ‘Uzlovaya’ industrial park,  located in the Tula Region, one of the biggest industrial cites in central Russia, with an area of more than 2.500 ha, is ongoing at an accelerated pace. Considering the construction speed, it will be possible to run the main engineering infrastructure facilities of the industrial park by the end of 2016.

The industrial park has already been equipped with power transformers supplied by Siemens. FGC UES, the largest electricity transmission company grid in Russia, will provide 7 km long high voltage power lines. The power supply will suffice for the activity of all the residents of the industrial park. The ‘Industrialnaya’ substation is expected to be constructed, and the object is planned to be connected to the electricity supply, by March 2016. 

The Tula Region Development Corporation, responsible for the creation and development of industrial parks, is currently developing plans ensuring the transport (both, main line and railway) infrastructure. Design and survey works for the construction of a central water supply are also undergoing. The design of the central gas-distribution point has already been completed.

The ‘Uzlovaya’ industrial park will accommodate medium and large enterprises active in the sphere of logistics and production. Should the industrial park receive the status of a special economic zone (which is one of the main goals of the Development Corporation), its residents will enjoy additional customs and tax benefits provided on the federal level.