17.09.2020 — Reform of State and Municipal Monitoring and Supervision: Shifting Priorities

The key provisions of the law governing the new procedures for state and municipal monitoring and supervision will enter into force on 1 July 2021. The main objective of this change is a shift of focus from carrying out inspections to preventive measures. This reform also aims at increased digitalization of the monitoring activities and reducing the duration of inspections.

The priority objective of the Federal Law dated 31.07.2020 No. 248-FZ, reforming the state monitoring, is the preventive control. For this purpose, the law introduces different types of preventive measures, including free consultations with the state authorities, intangible benefits to stimulate good faith, preventive visits, warnings, and self-examination.

Moreover, the law provides for the possibility of independent assessment of compliance with the mandatory requirements. Such assessment may be carried out by independent accredited organizations, as well as self-regulating organizations, subject to an agreement with the monitoring authorities to use this assessment method. If compliance with the mandatory requirements is confirmed, an independent organization will issue the respective certificate to a monitored person, and no scheduled state supervision activities may be carried out during the validity period of this certificate.

In addition, it will be possible to reduce the number of monitoring activities through insurance of the risks of injury caused by breaches of the mandatory requirements.

The law also expands the possibilities of electronic interaction with the monitoring authorities and reduces the general duration of inspections.