14.12.2020 — More Certainty for Investors: List of Technologies for Conclusion of Special Investment Contracts is Defined

The Russian Government has approved the list of technologies, which implementation will allow investors to conclude special investment contracts with the state authorities and receive additional governmental guarantees for the stability of business conditions and state support measures.

The list published by the Russian Government includes 630 modern technologies from different industrial sectors, including power industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, mechanical engineering, telecommunications and other sectors (see Order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 28 November 2020 No. 3143-р).

Investors implementing the technologies from the governmental list are eligible for conclusion of a special investment contract (SPIC) and for application of a new package of governmental investment promotion measures known as “SPIC 2.0” to their business. Under SPIC investor may be eligible for different tax benefits, the status of domestic producer and the possibility to participate in public procurement as the sole supplier. A special investment contract may be concluded for up to 20 years depending on the amount of investment.

More detailed information on business support measures is available at the governmental website of the State Industry Information System.